Sore throat from allergies

There are three causes sore throat. Respectively due to infection, irritation, and from allergies. Symptoms may include pain in the part, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, coughing, and fever.

Allergies from food can cause a sore throat reaction. In addition, the sore throat is often experienced by those who are allergic to certain fruits and processed products, such as juice. Be careful, not all the juice is safe for people who experience recurrent sore throat, because of allergies. Frequent coughing and sore throat. Most often it in tomato juice.

Cooking oil, also a frequent cause of allergies and cause sore throat. People who are allergic to cooking oil should always change the oil every time you fry.

Allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction to people who have it. This can be caused by various things, such as food and beverages, certain drugs, weather, and dust. Substances that cause allergies are called allergens. If this is entered into the patient's body, your body will release substances that cause allergies. Consequently, certain reactions, such as itching, cough, or sore throat.

Some people have a history of allergy to some foods or beverages such as: nuts, eggs, fish, fried food, soft drinks, alcohol and ice. Some are allergic to dust, animal dander, cold weather and so on. Compounds of allergy-causing substances (allergens) will be recognized by the body as foreign. It can not be treated because it is inherited from birth. The best way to avoid allergic reactions is to avoid the cause and improve or maintain endurance. The better the endurance, the lower the sensitivity levels that cause reactions, such as allergies from sore throat.
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