Foamy diarrhea

The most common cause of acute diarrhea is due to a virus. The symptoms are diarrhea-water stools, foamy diarrhea, no blood or mucus, and smells sour.

Diarrheal disease transmission is contact with infected feces directly, such as:

• Foods and beverages that have been contaminated, either already contaminated by insects or contamination from dirty hands.

• Playing with toys contaminated, especially babies often have their hands in their mouths or anything because the virus can survive in the air until a few days.

• Use of contaminated water source.

• Washing and use of milk bottles are not clean.

• No washing hands thoroughly after defecation or cleaning the feces of infected children, thus contaminating held tools.

Foamy diarrhea also could indicate various other maladies, including IBS, parasitic infections and gall bladder disease. If gall bladder disease is the problem, the foamy diarrhea is often yellow or green in color and can burn coming out of the annus.

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