Cramps After Period, Causes And Remedies

There are a lot of things that could create Cramps After Period. So, before you can worry about treating post period pain, you need to figure out the cause of it. After all, different causes may require different treatment methods.

Some Common Post Period Cramp Causes

Hormones and hormone-like substances, such as prostaglandins, can be one major cause of cramping after you thing your period is over. The uterine contractions caused by prostaglandins and the dilation of the veins and arteries around your midsection that occurs at the same time can easily cause cramping during your period. Also, since prostaglandins can stay in your system for a few days after your period ends, cramps can continue.

Ovulation or complications from ovulation could also cause pain and cramping after the bleeding part of menstruation is done. Ovulation itself can cause cramps, but so can contractions or mucus build up in the fallopian tubes during the ovulation process. So, even though ovulation is a normal part of your menstrual cycle it can be uncomfortable and you may need to see a doctor if the problems persist.

Another thing that you should look into is the possibility that you may be pregnant, if you have been sexually active. After all, cramping, bloating and even bleeding can also be a symptom of pregnancy. So, you may want to see a gynecologist, if that could be a possibility.

Cramps after period remedies
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