Can Constipation Cause Back Pain and Other Problems?

Can constipation cause back pain? Most people often associate constipation with back pain. For them, if they are suffering constipation, chances are, they will also encounter back pain problems. There is a logical explanation for such occurrence.

Constipation is a condition wherein a person undergoes difficult time excreting waste or stool from the body. In most instances, we have to defecate once or twice each day.

Constipation may happen when an individual has a bowel movement fewer than thrice each week followed by dry, hard and painful stools. Experiencing recurring constipation isn’t normal and requires medical assistance because it can usually result in back pain.

What can constipation cause back pain reasons be? When the body has scarce water supply, or because of some other causes, waste material is often blocked in the lower intestine or colon. The stool will harden and becomes dry. It will then exert pressure on the lower intestine and the adjoining areas.

If the waste material is not removed from the body, the condition becomes worse. The body as will keep on secreting waste materials which will just be stuck and gives more pressure in the lower intestine. This pressure affects muscles and nerves in adjoining area ultimately results in back pain. So, can constipation cause back pain? It can.
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