Is Constipation A Sign Of Pregnancy?

The most common early sign of pregnancy is constipation. This is due to an increase in the hormone progesterone which can cause digestive work more slowly.

Symptoms of constipation can vary from one person to another. Some people feel bloated, and when defecating spherule shaped like rabbit droppings. Others have difficulty defecating. Someone said to have constipation if the bowel movement fewer than three times a week.

Complaints of constipation during pregnancy can actually be prevented, so there must always be experienced. Even normally be increasingly felt in late pregnancy. This is because their baby's head begins to fall and hit the gut.

Decreased peristalsis in the gastrointestinal tract

Thus, movement of food in the intestine of pregnant women are slower than usual. This is what also causes the stomach feel full and bloated, but maybe just eat a little. Decreased peristaltic motion is caused by increased levels of the hormone progesterone in a pregnant woman's body.

Actually, the increased production of this hormone aims to provide a relaxing effect on smooth muscle in the uterus. That way, the baby can stay in the womb until enough time to be born. Only, because both consist of smooth muscle, gastrointestinal tract involved be affected. Join the movement slowed intestinal peristalsis that facilitates the occurrence of constipation. However, this slowdown in fact be advantageous, because the absorption of food better. For pregnancy, of course it was important for the mother and fetus of nutrition.

Incorrect diet or poor diet

Usually, a pregnant mother to be "difficult" to eat. It was evident from his attitude that became very picky. Typically, pregnant women prefer to snack, or if they eat, the food chosen is less fiber. Well, because less fiber is then constipation occurs.

Lack of drinking

Due to rapid stomach feel bloated or full due to the slow peristaltic earlier, pregnant women are usually reluctant to drink a lot. Moreover, because pregnancy makes women become more frequent urination, then deliberately reduced the amount of water they drink. Though less drinking will cause the stools to be hard, so hard to be issued and there was constipation.
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