Recognize Spotting Between Periods

Though it may cause apprehension, Spotting Between Periods is not really an unusual occurrence. Typically, the menstrual cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days, with an average of 28 days.

Spotting between periods takes place when there is vaginal blood flow in between the period after your last day of menstruation and the beginning of your next menstrual cycle.

Women may commonly experience bleeding in between periods at some particular time in their reproductive lives. Vaginal spotting between periods does not generally pose a major cause for concern but still warrants attention from the gynecologist. However, there are some cases of bleeding in between periods that signal a more serious underlying medical condition that would need prompt intervention.

These blood discharges differ in color. Brown spotting in between periods means that blood has dried at a certain degree and has been confined to the cervix for a longer period of time. Bleeding in between periods that produces bright red blood indicates that it is new and fresh.

On the other hand, a pink blood discharge that accompanies spotting in between periods denotes dilution. A very dark brown or blackish discharge during spotting in between periods signifies extremely old blood.

At times, the color of discharge at the time of spotting in between periods may convey the length of time and pace blood has passed through the cervix. The color of blood does not necessarily pinpoint the exact causes of spotting. To arrive at an accurate diagnosis, further assessment and diagnostic procedures are needed to determine the cause of bleeding in between periods.

Another factor to be considered in the diagnosis of these vaginal discharges is the extent and duration of irregular blood flow. When vaginal blood flow associated with spotting in between periods is light in volume, such as in droplets or minute amounts, there is less cause for worry.

In situations when there occurs heavy bleeding in between periods, such as when the sanitary pads get very saturated in a short period of time, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible. Depending upon the rate of blood flow, a prolonged duration of spotting between periods likewise needs critical intervention.
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