Period blood clots, reason, medication and prevention

Blood clot causes are several. They are generally caused by long periods of inactivity. Long stays at the hospital, sitting for very long periods and birth control pills are some of the other causes. When we cut our skin blood oozes out and if we press and hold it for a while it coagulates and stops. But blood flowing through the body should always in liquid form. Without the uninterrupted flow of blood in the body, tissues and cells will die out. Blood clot symptoms include swelling and aching of the affected part. People who are obese or have heart problems are in the high risk category. Varicose veins also induce blood clotting.

When clots do happen they cut off blood supply to the brain resulting in a stroke. Clots can also induce heart attacks. A clot formed in any part of the body can travel through the veins to the lungs. Such a clot is called a thrombus. Clots formed in different parts of the body are known by different names. Some people inherit the tendency of greater blood coagulation. This condition is known as hyper coagulation and is extremely dangerous.


Travelling in a plane or car sitting for long periods may induce a clot. Stretching legs, moving around in the plane or getting down from the car to move around are important to prevent it from doing so. Stretching exercises are also very helpful.

Cancer patients are more prone to clots. Symptoms include swelling and pain. Chest pain and shortness of breath are indicators of the blood clot moving to the lungs.

People who are prone to blood clots should keep their legs at a higher level on a pillow when they sleep or raise the lower end bed posts by a few inches. Compression stockings are also very useful in preventing the clots.


Some of the important drugs used to prevent clots are heparin and warfarin. People going on long distance journey can take a shot of heparin as a preventive measure. It is commonly used blood clot treatment. Heparin acts much faster than the other drugs. Men have a greater chance of having a clot than women.

Doctors still are not too sure about medication and dosage. But immediate treatment increases the chances of recovery. Patients with different types of cancer who are treated with statins show reduction in clotting.


As with most other diseases healthy food, exercises and weight control are important in the prevention of clots. Blood clot symptoms also need medication and a change in lifestyle.

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