If toddler coughing at night, Beware of asthma!

Do not take for granted if your toddler coughing at night. Do not assume that a normal thing, it could be a symptom of asthma.

Coughing asthma in toddlers has another characteristic, heavier at night or early morning, and when he wakes up. Sometimes, differences in the intensity of coughing, between day and night is very extreme. By day no symptoms of coughing at all, whereas at night coughing so great. In infants and toddlers, this terrific coughing sometimes followed by vomiting containing mucus.

Because not diagnosed as asthma, when the toddlers coughing at night, given a coughing suppressant medicines (antitussives), and the cough becomes more precisely. "Patients with asthma should not be given antitussives, due to suppression of coughing reflex in asthma would prejudice. Cough asthma will subside if given asthma medication.

The majority of allergic asthma based on a factor. Thus, asthma is one form of allergic disease. In family history, usually encountered family members who have asthma, or other forms of allergic diseases like eczema, drug allergies, food allergies. Derived is the talent of allergy, whereas allergy manifestations can be different.

Other triggers are foods such as ice, food and cold drinks, candy, chocolate, instant savory foods with preservatives, MSG, peanuts. Asthma can also be triggered by the flu, fatigue, stress, excessive emotions, weather changes, acute respiratory infections, and the cold.

Asthma is usually triggered by a combination of various precipitating factors.

Asthma is not curable and the drugs that exist today in fact serve only relieve symptoms. However, by controlling your asthma in toddler, through medical consultation, if asthma is still a mild degree. Your toddlers can be free of asthma symptoms that interfere, so that they can live a good life activity.

There should be a paradigm shift of thinking, if found toddlers coughing at night. First, consider the possibility of asthma in the direction, not towards tuberculosis. The diagnosis of asthma if encountered at, among others, coughing in children with asthma would arise if he is exposed to trigger factors.

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