Crucial nutrients for fostering healthy skin

Once the colon is cleansed, the body has greater ability to absorb skin-essential nutrients, including beautifying vitamins and minerals.

Compounding pharmacist and creator of skincare line DNA Elements, Danielle Glover, says a beautiful, glowing, youthful complexion happens when it’s fed the right combination
of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants externally, as well as, even more importantly, internally.

“When looking after their skin, most people turn solely to mainstream topical creams, lotions, scrubs and toners, but forget that the health of our skin really is guided by what we eat,” she says. “Using the right combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is essential for optimal skin health.”

According to Glover, the following nutrients are crucial for fostering healthy skin:

Vitamins C and E.
Both have powerful antioxidant abilities that are highly effective at reducing free-radical damage and the effects of prolonged sun exposure. Each may reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Foods rich in vitamins C and E include kale, broccoli, sunflower seeds and safflower oil.

Vitamin A.
Known to maintain and promote the repair of skin tissue. The best way to top up this nutrient is via foods such as carrots, apricots and kale, as excess consumption can be harmful.

Silica is known for strengthening the body’s connective tissues and is imperative for all-over skin health. Foods rich in silica include leeks, green beans and strawberries.

Research has shown that selenium is responsible for tissue elasticity and may help protect the skin from sun damage, resulting in fewer lines, wrinkles and age spots. Top up on Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, mushrooms and onions
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