Causes of acne on particular areas of the face

Dr Chen says those who suffer from acne usually have weak immune systems as well as poor liver and gallbladder function.

“[The body] is unable to break down the oil well, so there is more oil in the skin that can block the sweat glands,” he explains. “The low immune system is then unable to kill the bacteria, so the bacteria will be able to stay in the little sweat glands and cause the acne.”

Some possible causes of acne on particular areas of the face could relate to the following:

Liver and stomach congestion are often considered to be culprits and can also be triggered by stress. Energy healers may also attribute pimples on the face to unresolved anger.

Above the eyebrows.
A breakout here can signify it’s time to boost the immune system and can often appear at the onset of cold or flu.

Between the eyebrows.
Diets fuelled by dairy, sugar and alcohol are said to be causes, as are food allergies.

Smokers are more likely to suffer from breakouts here, as are those who live in cities with chronic pollution.

Hormones are often to blame for breakouts at the chin sides and can be particularly troublesome during ovulation.

Jaw line.
A diet primarily of processed foods, including dairy, sugar, fried foods and soft drinks can result in adult acne, particularly along the jaw line.
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