Treatment for paranoid personality disorder

Treatment for paranoid personality disorder will be very effective for controlling paranoia (suspicious feelings excess), but it will always be difficult because the patient will always have the suspicion to the doctor or therapist who treated him. If left alone, the condition of the patient will become more chronic. Treatment performed, the system includes primary care, and also treatments that are outside the main treatment (supplement), such as programs to develop themselves, the support of families, lectures, home care, building honest to yourself, all of which will enhance and assist the process healing the patient. So expect the worst social consequences that are common of these disorders, such as family breakdown, job loss and also a place to live can be avoided to be experienced by the patient.


Medication or treatment for paranoid personality disorder generally not supported, a trend that usually arises is the growing suspicion of the patients who ultimately make withdrawal from therapy that has been undertaken. Experts point to a more focused form of treatment to the specific conditions of these disorders such as anxiety and delusions, in which the feeling is that a major problem damaging the normal functioning of mental patients. but for rapid response to patients who need emergency treatment then the use of drugs is very helpful, as when the patient begins to lose control of himself as a rage and attacked another ornag.


The difficulties faced by therapists in this disorder are not aware of the disorder sufferers in him and feel no need the help of therapists. Another difficulty faced by the therapist that the individual PDD difficult to accept the therapist's own, suspicion and distrust make treatment difficult.

Although people with paranoid personality disorder usually has its own initiative to do the treatment, but often also their own healing process stops prematurely. Likewise, the development of trust committed by the therapist to the client, which requires more attention, but it likely will remain complicated to be able to lead clients to build self confidence even though the stage has been completed.

Possible long-term for people with paranoid personality disorder are less good, most of which happen to future patients is the persistence of existing properties throughout their lives, but with effective treatment and is consistent then the cure for patients with clearly still open.

The method of self-development as a group may be made to the patient despite having a hard time implementation. High level of suspicion and distrust in people will make the presence of a support group to be useless or even worse can be destructive for the patient themselves.

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