Paranoid personality disorder symptoms

Some of the symptoms shown in paranoid personality disorder, among others, is

• Highly Suspicious excessive
• Believing in the existence of the hidden motives of others.
• Feeling will be exploited or betrayed by others.
• Inability of cooperating with others.
• Social isolation.
• Poor self image
• Attitude is not affected.
• Hostility.
• Continually bear grudges that by not forgiving loss, injury or negligence.
• Feeling the attack on the character or reputation that are not visible to others, and to quickly react angry and strike back.
• Reluctant to tell the secrets of others because of fear that is not necessary, that information will be used maliciously against him.
• Lack of a sense of humor.

Those who have this disorder showed a high demand to meet him, impressed rigid and even gave the charge to others. Due to their avoidance behavior towards closeness with other people makes them look very full calculation in the act and also memorable cold. From the results of the research found that most of these disorders are found in men than in women.


Specifically, the causes of the emergence of this disorder is still unknown, but often in a case arise in individuals who have family members with schizophrenia disorder, in other words, genetic factors still affecting. Paranoid personality disorder can also be caused by a bad childhood experience coupled with state of the environment that feels threatening. Parenting is likely to foster a sense of trust between the child with others, can also be the cause of development of this disorder


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