Good news for anyone with mild depression

Good news for anyone with mild depression (or the seasonal blues): New research has found a spice that can help.

In a recent study published in Phyto- therapy Research, 1,000 mg daily of curcumin—an active compound in the spice turmeric—proved to be just as effective at treating depression as fluoxetine, the antidepressant better known as Prozac.

“We studied the effects of curcumin on patients with major depressive disorder,” says study author Ajay Goel, PhD, direc- tor of epigenetics and cancer prevention at Baylor University Medical Center. “It’s possible it may help alleviate short-term mood issues, too.”

Curcumin inhibits the production of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that at high levels is linked to depression. Meanwhile, adds Goel, its anti-inflammatory properties make the compound a good supplement for anyone, whether you need a lift or not.
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