DIY Facial Massage

As we age, skin rejuvenation starts to slow down. "Facial massage helps the skin stay younger and slows down the aging process," says Natalia Doran, MD.

"The pressure accelerates blood fow to the capillaries, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues." To reap the anti-ageing benefts, incorporate this into your daily routine, repeating each movement 4 times.

1. Defne your chin Position fngertips on chin with thumb beneath jaw and edge toward each earlobe using small circular movements.

2. Firm your cheeks Press palms underneath cheekbones and work in circular movements from ear to nose to help tone cheek muscles.

3. Reduce under-eye pufness Place two fngers on each side of nose and sweep them from inner to outer corners of eyes to clear fuid.

4. Relax your forehead Press forefingers and middle fingers above eyebrows and make small circular movements all the way up to hairline.
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