Laser Hair Removal Side Effects, How to avoid

Laser hair removal is very effective and popular way to get rid of unwanted hair. During the procedure the laser light is targeted at an individual hair follicle, each one at a time, and by heating it the beam destroys the follicle's ability to produce hair. Or, to be more precise, it minimizes it to such extent that the patient won't experience of unwanted hair growth for quite a long period of time.

So while the removing hair with the means of laser is commonly considered to be a safe process, yet there are some laser hair removal dangers or risks that may occur in the process.

We need to mention to avoid premature scaring of the readers, that actually laser hair removing is safe; usually the problems take place if:

- The personnel who do the work are not properly trained or inexperienced;

- The wrong laser type used;

- The patient is not inclined to be responsible for pre treatment activities and do things that may negatively affect their health and the result of the treatment.

So let's see, what this entire means. If we take the stuff into the account, the solution is simply to choose the clinic that is either branded (needs more money), or experienced (usually equals branded, not always though), or properly trained, or at least honest in treating patients (the cheapest one among good clinics). Try to find the customer's reviews of different clinics online and you will be done! It is really helpful to find someone's experience to avoid committing own mistakes.
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Wrong laser type... wow, it can happen. Actually it simply means that there are different types of laser hair removal machines that are effective only for a particular skin type. Actually since there are basically two skin types - dark and light - the devices are also graded into two basic groups: those that are effective for light skin (usually have short laser beam wavelength), and those that are good for the people with dark skin (those with long wavelength).

Laser hair removal equipment in the first category is: ERBIUM, CO, KTP, Pulse DYE, and Alexandrite. For the dark skin (2nd category) the best is Nd: YAG, and sometimes Diode.

Why is that? Short wave is effective, but the problem it has with the dark skin is that the laser beam sometimes mistakes the melanin (coloring pigment) from the skin with the melanin in the hair, so the treatment may be ineffective or even harmful. That is why long waved lasers that are able to penetrate skin deeply to affect the hair follicle in the dark skin; and only they should be used for dark skin. It is called using the right laser hair removal machine type.

So what about patient? Actually, the first step is to consult with the doctor on what treatment will be the best for your skin type. Then, try to avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 3-4 weeks before the treatment (tanned skin acts just like dark skin). Also tanning adds to skin's sensitivity, which may reduce the effect of the treatment.

Ok, those were the causes of possible laser hair removal dangers, but what the dangers or risks can be?

- There can be laser marks and burnings on the skin;

- Since the anesthesia often required, the improper use of it may be a side effect;

- Some medicines can lessen the effect from the treatment, or cause side effects (consult with your doctor);

- Skin discoloration: can be of two types - hypo (whiting) and hyper (darkening) pigmentation.

The last side effects is the worst usually; although it is not permanent, yet if occur on a visible area can bring embarrassment to the person.

So to avoid laser hair removal side effects and dangers you need to be responsible for what you do and where you get treated.
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