Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms, The Four Major Chronic

Confused by my title? Let me explain; when I was about 12 I had my first drink...and then my second and then my get the picture. By the end of the night I had drunk so much that i was vomiting, edging into unconsciousness, my skin had turned pale, and breathing became difficult . Within the hour, I had to be taken to hospital and have my stomach pumped. According to the doctors I could have died.

Then five things happened that were to irretrievably mark my life:
* I got better (at least physically)
* I was discharged from hospital
* I didn't learn from the experience
* I continued to drink recklessly
* I, eventually, became a full-blown alcoholic who, by his 30s, wanted to curl up and die.

The first experience I had at the age of 12, was a classic case of youthful 'experimentation' which resulted in ACUTE alcohol poisoning symptoms.
The second experience up until I reached my thirties, is a classic case of alcoholism which eventually resulted in CHRONIC alcohol poisoning symptoms.

Alcohol is a toxin, a poison, if used responsibly it will do us no harm. It may even be beneficial. However, abuse it and it will come to haunt your every waking minute. And I say waking because when you are in end stage alcoholism there will be no sleep. Every waking hour will be spent desperately trying to stave off alcohol withdrawal symptoms by drinking.

Before getting to this so- called end stage, it would be better to spot initial chronic alcohol poisoning symptoms and seek help. Otherwise drink will take such a hold that your physical and mental health will begin to seriously decline.

The Four Major Chronic Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

1. TOLERANCE: As the addict drinks more and more, so they need more and more to achieve the same effect as before.
2. CRAVING: The drink dependent doesn't just want to drink, they NEED to drink. They have an all-consuming thirst for alcohol.
3. LOSS OF CONTROL: The alcoholic is unable to have a drink and stop,once alcohol is in the system then he or she will go on a bender. It's as if there is an autopilot system in the brain. that is activated by alcohol
4. PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE: When there is no alcohol to be had, the alcoholic will begin to suffer various symptoms that demonstrate that they are suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

So there you have it, the four characteristics of chronic alcohol poisoning symptoms.

If you, or a loved one, are displaying any of these then you or they should consider seeing a medical professional.

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