Is HIV Curable?

Many people are afraid of this HIV disease. The reason is that there is no HIV drugs that can eliminate 100% of the patient's body. Not to mention, many people with HIV who are depressed due to the disease. Excessive depression can reduce a person's immunity. Finally, the condition will get worse. However, there are medications that can prolong life has been recognized for people with HIV, which in the medical world known as anti-retrovirals. These drugs can only prolong the life of the patient alone, can not cure.

Drugs for patients with this virus, there are four types according to site.

NRTI (nucleoside or nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor)
NNRTI (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor)
PI (protease inhibitor)
Fusion inhibitors

These four kinds of drugs can only inhibit virus replication. But because it is only in the way, these drugs can only prolong the life course.
So, whether existing drugs that can prolong the life of people with HIV / AIDS? The answer is NO.

However, many are struggling in the field of research on this one, a drug for HIV sufferers. In Indonesia was willing to allocate 110 billion rupiah fund for HIV drug research. So, for people with this disease, do not be discouraged. Many researchers who will help you.
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