How to stop post nasal drip

When you are not aware of halitosis causes, or what causes bad breath in one's mouth, you will not be able to treat yourself properly. One of the causes of bad breath is anaerobic bacteria residing at the back of your mouth, which in turn, produces sulfur, which is the culprit behind the acidic sour, metallic and bitter tastes in your mouth (all of which, by the way, pave the way to positively bad breath). Now, these anaerobic bacteria are also the cause of worsening mucus and phlegm, as they are quite attached to some of its core building blocks, such as methionine.This is one of the reasons why the same halitosis causes can also increase the risk of contracting tonsillitis when the condition is not treated properly. When your propensity for dairy food increases, you should observe that you tend to have more mucus and phlegm than ever, and the natural human reaction to these would be to swallow them. This causes tonsil stones (made out of the bacteria from mucus and phlegm) to get stuck in your throat, which are often misdiagnosed as food particles. And this nasal sinus congestion tends to be one of the major causes of bad breath. So if you want to know what causes bad breath in your case, take a look at your tonsils.

If you are suffering from halitosis as a result of post nasal drip or simply too much mucus and phlegm, here are some tips to help you stop post nasal drip once and for all:

• Relieve or hinder the accumulation of mucus by using medicines prescribed by your doctor. However, be careful that you don't end up with a dry mouth, which is one of the side effects of these medicines that is unfortunately also one of many halitosis causes.

• Try a nasal sinus formula to help get rid of mucus traffic in your nose. Purchase a good brand from your local pharmacy and regularly squeeze the recommended number of drops into your nostrils to clear up your sinuses and destroy the sulfur-producing anaerobic bacteria that are the causes of bad breath in your mouth.

• If you are more sensitive to the dry mouth syndrome as a result of these drugs, try nasal irrigation, which will help clear up your sinuses and eliminate what causes bad breath.

Truth be told, there are many great brands out there that are being offered as solutions for halitosis; however, you must consult with your local physician first as to which brands might be best for you to try. This is especially true if you are more prone to halitosis and dry mouth syndrome than others-this means that you will need a stronger prescription that won't dry up your mouth as much.

All in all, this much is clear: halitosis can be eliminated, and by knowing what the real causes of bad breath are, you will be able to discover how bad your condition is and the best way to go around it.
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