How to get rid of post nasal drip

Stopping a Post Nasal Drip

Getting that dreaded post nasal drip is a sure sign that things are not working well in the nasal area. Furthermore leaving it untreated can allow it to develop and cause a variety of health problems and leave you feeling ill and miserable. Sinus & sinusitis conditions go hand in hand with a post nasal drip so getting relief from the PND could alleviate sinus problems as well.

What Causes a PND?

Mucus is a natural defense mechanism created by the body but when the production of the mucus is increased it is done so to fight an infection or allergy. If it is not disposed of by a properly functioning system it can cause the post nasal drip and other infections. This condition is mainly caused by sinusitis, rhinitis, acid reflux or by allergies at any time of the year.

5 Ways to Stop a PND

Antihistamines & Decongestants
Nasal Sprays
Drink Lots of Water
Do Not Sleep on Your Back
Avoidance of Certain Allergens

If the Post Nasal Drip is Left Untreated it could lead to the following :

Sore Throat
Upper Respiratory Infections
Ear Infections
Sinus Infections
Bad Breath

Stop Post Nasal DripIt is therefore advisable to seek treatment for a post nasal drip before you become a victim of one of the above conditions. As there are several causes of a post nasal drip it is advisable to undergo an examination by a ear, nose, and throat physician to establish the cause & appropriate treatment - especially if it has developed into a bacterial infection which would require a course of antibiotics to get rid of. In conclusion not all PND conditions can be cured with the above methods but if you try the easy suggestions mentioned above you'll find that your post nasal drip problems could be a thing of the past.
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