Foods that make you bloated

There are many foods that we consume daily can causing the stomach to be bloated. The following will be mentioned several foods that make you bloated.

• Limit your intake of foods such as cabbage, beans, cauliflower, prunes, and apricots. Nuts contain sugars that are difficult to digest, called oligosaccharides. Sugar should be broken down by bacteria in the gut. While cauliflower, cabbage, prunes and apricots contain sugars and starches that can cause gas and abdominal bloating.

• Limit chewing gum and carbonated beverages, especially with high levels of sorbitol.

• Dairy products and processed can make the intestines and cause abdominal distress bloating when trouble digesting lactose or milk sugar.

• Do not eat too fast so that enough signal to your body when to feel full, - Eat meals with small portions but frequently.

• Foods high in fiber such as whole bean can provide health benefits. Unfortunately, sometimes high-fiber foods can cause abdominal bloating. The experts recommend that you increase fiber intake gradually so the body can adjust. When eating foods high in fiber, should include water.

"The whole fiber absorbs water," said Joanne L Slavin, professor of food science and nutrition from the University of Minnesota. Drinking water will help the fiber move through the digestive system and prevent the occurrence of abdominal bloating and constipation.
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