How to avoid menstrual bloating?

Menstrual bloating is very often experienced by us some time, or during menstruation. Taste in the abdominal cavity like a lot of wind, and sometimes so lazy to eat, because the stomach feel full.

This condition occurs because some time before and at the beginning of menstruation in the abdominal cavity, precisely in the collection of fluid in the uterus occurs. This process triggers the sensation of the stomach feel full, or bloating

The best way to overcome menstrual bloating is actually consume a lot of water. Logically, if the body gets regular water intake is not required the collection of fluid in large quantities. This is why health experts still recommend the girls still consume as much water 6-8 glasses a day even if not thirsty.

Another important thing to avoid menstrual bloating is also recommended limiting the intake of salty snacks, since salt is known to cause the fluid collection. By limiting your intake of salt, meant to prevent the increasing number of fluid gathered in the body.
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