Is Banana Cause Constipation?

But if the banana is consumed immature, it can lead to difficulty in bowel movements or constipation.
Actually, bananas contain pectin and identified as a source of fiber. Consume a banana can donate 15 percent of the overall intake of fiber needed by the body. Maturity of bananas also determine whether the bananas consumed can cause constipation or not.

Potassium is found in ripe bananas can help alleviate the condition of diarrhea because it serves as an electrolyte replacement is needed by the body, while frukto oligosaccharides found in bananas can inhibit fermentation in the intestinal tract and help prevent constipation for some particular cases.

Raw bananas will be much more difficult to digest by the body and it is bitter because they contain tannins. Besides this type of banana also contains starch that many conditions that contribute to constipation.

Person should not consume more than two bananas per day, it is recommended to keep the bowel movements remain healthy. Start with the consumption of one banana a day to see if it affects the digestive system or not.

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