Does teething in children cause fever?

Often we find children who are teething, have a fever. Actually, teething does not need cause to be followed by fever, then why did this happen?

Parents believe that when a child is teething is usually accompanied by the emergence of a fever. And children who grow teeth do not have to have a fever, because fever may arise indication of infection.

Parents often blame a variety of diseases that arise as a result of growing new teeth, including a fever. But the study found that the teething process causes no changes in body temperature.

Fever in children occurs when body temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius, which indicates the presence of infection. But if the temperature reaches 39 degrees Celsius or more then an advanced indication of a serious infection.

While the symptoms that appear in children during teething vary widely, some children do not have Whatever the reaction, but most experienced swelling in the gums and cheeks are flushed.

Inconvenience that may arise in children when treated with a gel that can deliver drugs ease the pain when the tooth grows. But if the baby is breastfeeding then avoid its use because it can create numbness and difficult infant feeding.

When the teeth will grow, children feel discomfort in the gums, and the instinct for gnawing will appear along with teething.

The instinct to bite is not really a problem, it will stimulate the release of mechanically stimulate teeth and jaw growth.

Problems may arise because parents generally can not completely control what is bitten by children. The object is dirty or harsh and sharp so it will hurt the child's gums will cause an infection of the gums. It would be better if parents give you something to bite and can provide benefits, such as special biscuits for toddlers, or rubber toys from chewy to bite without hurting the gum, but must be kept clean.

If a child finds a fever, give the child febrifuge are sold freely, do not forget to pay attention to dose according to age. If the fever does not go down in three days take the child to the doctor to get proper treatment, do not give antibiotic therapy without the advice of a doctor.
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