The Best Tea For Sore Throat Remedies

Green tea mixed with lump sugar  are  the best sore throat herbal remedies that are effective. Drinking green tea with lump sugar, useful to reduce sore in the throat.

It also helps the lungs to recover the local conditions, dry throat, to be more comfortable. In addition, from all the sugar, especially lump sugar of the most efficacious, can increase endurance. Sugar also increases the body's ability to fight the sore throat. Therefore, a person with acute sore throat, recommended adding a sugar cube in green tea. However, the dose of sugar to note if you are diseased diabetes.

In addition to drinking green tea and sugar cubes on a regular basis, people with sore throats should also consider the following things:

First, for healing are encouraged to eat "cold foods". Avoid eating foods that contain garlic, pepper, white wine and other sharp spicy food. These foods tend to cause irritation of the digestive tract, even, to make sore throat worse.

Second, if you consume these foods above, Balance with eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Pears, sugar cane, watermelon, radish, pumpkin, dates, lotus roots, melons, bananas are good for sore throat.

Third, multiply to consume protein to increase endurance. A person's immune system is directly related to the problem of sore throat. Thus, patients with this disease should add a high-protein foods, like fish, shrimp, meat, and milk.
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