Staccato Cough

Staccato cough, cough that does not stop, can be accompanied by dyspnea. In addition to the occurrence of persistent cough can cause rupture of small blood vessels in the cornea with clinical manifestations of hematoma in the sclera.

Other symptomatic form of vomiting, and intra-abdominal pressure also increased intra thorakal. Hernias can also occur due to the influence of pressure there. For adults occur chronic coughing.

Complications that can arise from this pertussis pneumonia (lung infection), otitis media (ear infection), ensefalopathie, until the patient could die.

While coughs are often a sign of illness, the type of cough can help a physician narrow a diagnosis. This is especially true when it comes to pediatrics. In children the specific type of cough the child is suffering matters greatly. This is because both causes and treatments for adult coughs are different from those of children. Additionally, a staccato cough can indicate one kind of disease that a barking cough doesn't.
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