Lingering cough after cold

Lingering cough after cold is a cough that occurs more than 2 weeks. The cause of lingering cough is most often obtained is the process of non-specific or due to food allergies. Clinical manifestations in the form of complaints of cough, stuffy nose, without or with accompanying shortness repeated. Complaints tightness usually occurs in people with asthma.

Lingering cough after cold, usually occurs at night and early morning or arise during activities like running, crying or laughing out loud. Usually the complaint is a long recovery, although it has been treated.

Lingering cough after cold has a risk of allergy, especially in children, is already detectable at birth, early birth often seem sneezing, and watery eyes are often cold like respiratory congestion or audible breath sounds. The latter, often mistaken for the cleaning of the airway at birth, less clean, but the cause is the production of excessive fluid in the airways (bronchial hypersecretion).

Breath sounds usually will disappear after the age of 3 months. If your baby has signs and symptoms, the parents should be aware that the child will be at risk for respiratory allergy. Children are at risk often have a cough and colds, especially at the age of 6 to 2 years.

At the age of the larger, usually arising complaint lingering cough. Shown in the child's cough is often small, or sometimes just like clearing his throat. Complaints that happens is intermittent, sometimes without any complaints treatment may be lost themselves. Other complaints can occur after a stubborn cough, acute respiratory tract infections. Such infections usually will heal within 5-7 days.

But in the case of an uncontrolled allergies often not improved more than 2 weeks, even up to several months. Although it has been taking various antibiotics or cough medicines. Coughing will occur at night, or waking in the morning, after the late morning to evening, the complaints usually subside. Coughing will arise when the child is increased activity such as running, laughing out loud, or crying. This lingering cough may be categorized as asthma.

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