Orange diarrhea

Orange diarrhea can be caused by food or supplements which contain orange food coloring, food with artificial yellow or orange coloring, or foods such as carrots, cilantro, collard greens, fresh thyme, kale, sweet potatoes, spinach, turnip greens, winter squash.

Another reasons for passing orange diarrhea are Supplements and medications that can cause orange-colored stools include those containing beta-carotene (sometimes found in vitamin A) and aluminum hydroxide (which can be found in antacids).

If you can't attribute your orange diarrhea with anything you ingested, then it may be caused by a lack of exposure to bile salt. Stool starts out as green, and then turns to a yellow-orange in color before being exposed to bile and bacteria which turns the stool brown.

Low exposure to bile salt can be caused by a couple different factors. First, your transit time is so fast that your stool is being pushed through your digestive system too quickly. This quick movement of stool reduces the exposure to bile salt resulting in orange diarrhea.

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