Coffee & Constipation

Coffee can cure constipation.

Is true if the caffeine in coffee can stimulate the digestive system in order to contract the muscles, but the coffee could help cure constipation because of its diuretic properties that actually triggers the body to urinate frequently (when the body needs water in order to 'disposal' smoothly). So if you are constipated, better stay away from diuretic beverages such as alcohol, caffeinated tea, and cola.

What is constipation?

Said to be constipated, if the frequency of bowel movement fewer than three times a week, or if the form of hard stool and a small round object. This condition is caused by too long a stay feces in the colon, so the hardened feces. One sign of constipation is we have a lot of straining during bowel movements, or have long waiting for 'something' out.

How to get relief from constipation?

• Drink warm water, if constipation occurs in the morning.
• Drink plenty of juice or fruit juice.
• Perform with shower spraying water directly into the anal region, to stimulate spending feces.
• Use liquid laxatives are directly inserted into the anus. Although somewhat effective laxative liquid than other types, still do not use more than 2 weeks.
• Add the consumption of water you drink today, at least 2 more glasses per day.
• Stop caffeinated drinks, like coffee and tea, milk, and soft drink, until normal bowel movements again.
• & If stubborn constipation, consume a fiber supplement every day, as part of the diet.

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