How to get rid of cold sores in one day

You may not get rid of cold sores in one day, but it can reduce the severity and duration. The first step should be done is how to recognize signs of cold, so it can take appropriate action. Sneezing, runny nose and sore throat are some of the signs. Fever, headache, pain throughout the body and incredible fatigue.

For cold, try to get vitamin C 1000 mg, which can increase the activity of the immune system in just over 5 hours. If you have a cold, consult a doctor to obtain prescription drugs that can prevent the virus, multiply inside the body, if taken within 48 hours. Minimize symptoms and reduce the duration of illness between 1 or 2 days. Vitamin C and beta carotene is an antioxidant that the exterminator Powerful virus, and is often found in food. Antioxidants stimulate immune, and helps the body fight disease and infection.

In addition, multiply the consumption of water. If under normal conditions you consume 6 to 8 glasses a day and then when the cold then you should increase water consumption up to 10 cups. Water can wash away the virus from your body in various forms such as sweat and urine. Cold is a symptom of a disease that has stages of the throat, head and chest. But it is not sequential stages. It could be your first hit on the head or throat.

When you first hit in the throat, then you can gargle with hot salt solution to relieve the symptoms. You just set up a glass of hot water (80 degrees Celsius) and half a teaspoon of salt. Then the solution of the salt in hot water and gargle for five minutes. After that you are advised not to drink cold water. Do 3 times a day. If you've gargled salt solution, then you prepare a handkerchief that has been soaked in cold water then put it in a flannel cloth and then wrap the neck as it compresses the head.

However, if you suffer a cold begins with a headache that is not less painful, you need to do is soak the feet with hot water. With so blood will smoothly into the head so that it can relieve tightness.

In addition, other ways that can be used ie inhaling steam. you need to prepare, among others, newsprint or cardboard, then cook using a pot or water pitcher. Then bring the folds of paper that make up the pipe with a pot or pitcher. By inhaling steam, nasal congestion will be lost. The way it can be done after soaking the feet.

If you are lucky the symptoms of colds in the chest with a cough and fever. Then the use of heat in the chest will help you. Quite easy, do as you did in the throat.

First wash cloth with hot water, then prepare a towel to cover your chest. Then put the cloth that had been washed onto the water was chest then cover with a towel. Allow it to heat loss. If you need to do this three times before bed. When finished, rinse off with a towel. Then advised to go to sleep.
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