Lap band secret information revealed

The solid silicone ring around the top of the stomach helps people feel less hungry. Lap-Band puts pressure on the top of the stomach causing nerve signals to be sent to the brain, making us feel like the stomach is already partially full.

Studies have shown that even without eating, people feel less hungry with a Lap-Band adequately adjusted. The Lap-Band helps people feel satisfed on small meals, which means fewer calories are taken in and weight loss can occur without hunger struggle.

• It is the safest weight loss surgery available.
• It is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning after the operation people go home the same day.
• Recovery is about 5-7 days to get back to full time desk work—a little longer for more strenuous jobs.
• It is adjustable—the tightness is customized to each patient’s needs during offce visits.
• It is reversible—the band can be removed.
• Malnutrition of vitamins minerals or protein is rare.
• Regular short offce visits provide the best weight loss results.

I’m glad you asked! Long-term studies show that people keep off about 50% of their excess weight.

Source written by:
Darrin F. Hansen, MD, FACS
Premier Lap-Band

Dr. Hansen is a Center of Excellence surgeon for the LAP-BAND procedure. This credential is given to surgeons who maintain the highest standards for bariatric patient care. With over ten years of weight loss surgery experience in Utah and over 1000 LAP-BAND procedures combined with ongoing advanced training and techniques, patients have the best chance for excellent results.
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