The Easiest Way to a Flat Belly

We love restorative yoga (derived from Iyengar yoga, it uses props to help hold every asana with ease), but considering it involves a lot of lying around in supported positions, we don't typically associate the relaxing classes with weight loss.

But surprising new research presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting shows restorative yoga can also lead to firmer, fatter abs.

Overweight women who tried the gentle practise for 6 months lost 2 ½ times more belly fat than those who did only basic stretching. The theory behind the breakthrough: restorative poses are held for minutes at a time and often use pillows and blankets to help you reach a state of deep, blissful relaxation.

When you're calm, you produce lower amounts of the hormone cortisol, a leading cause of abdominal fat. To reap the benefts, balance out your workout plan (and your hectic schedule), with a restorative class to calm your mind and flatten your belly.

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