Is plastic surgery only for older women?

By definition we serve an entire spectrum of people from their early twenties into their seventies. Obviously, the younger age group is the target market from the standpoint of skin rejuvenation.

Doing something that’s preventative earlier on is beneficial. For example, women at all ages don’t like hair on certain parts of their face. To get rid of unwanted hair, all you need are three laser hair treatments (sittings) . Each sitting takes no more than 3-4 minutes.

Some of us, out of habit, develop frown lines. This is not age-related; it is just a result of our facial habits. This is treated by using Botox and takes 2 minutes. Most treatments can be done during an office lunch hour and don’t have any down time. It is a myth that plastic surgery or Botox or even non-invasive procedures require you to be physically incapacitated for a long period of time.

For a young person who has skin imperfections due to genetics, smoking, too much sun exposure or environmental influences, plastic surgery treats all such problems. So, the procedures can range from simple chemical peels and intense pulse light laser treatments (popularly known as photofacials) to more elaborate ones like invasive surgeries for correction.
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