How to keep your blood sugar levels under control

Being diagnosed with diabetes is not really the end of an active, fun-filled life. Here is some advice from Dr Geetha Philip, senior consultant, Department of Medicine at Lourdes Hospital, Kochi, on what to do to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

1. Take up some form of exercise.
Physical activity lowers blood sugar by helping the body use insulin more efficiently. It also helps you lose weight. Take small steps and build up gradually. Start with taking the stairs, washing your car, doing chores around the house and easy-paced walks. Consult your doctor before you increase the intensity of your activity.

2. Eat healthy.
Making diet modifications is crucial. Work with your doc to find healthy alternatives to foods that are a no-no. Wholewheat instead of refined, fruits in- stead of juices, and so on.

3. Educate yourself.
Diabetes-related complications can be prevented with proper blood sugar management. Get info about diabetes from a credible source. Speak with your physician to understand the condition and how you can control it. Also take your family along—many of the diet and lifestyle changes you’ll need to make will impact your loved ones as well, and having them on board will help keep you on track.
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