Diet modifications for high cholesterol

High cholesterol levels are related to weight and diet issues; it can also be genetic in nature. You’ll need to make significant diet modifications to combat its efects.

Cholesterol is of two types—HDL (high density lipids) and LDL (low density lipids). HDL is the good cholesterol while LDL is the bad type and enters our blood stream from animal proteins and high-fat foods.

Cut down on animal products, like ghee, dairy and animal fat. Substitute these with plant protein sources, like seeds, nuts or soya. High-fibre foods— wholewheat, bran, brown rice, oats—contain soluble fibre. They should be an essential chunk of your meals since fibre combats fat deposits in the arteries.

Avoid full-fat milk but cottage cheese, probiotic yoghurt and low-fat milk are good substitutes. Olive oil and sunflower seeds (sprinkle on salads) contain mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids; these don’t get deposited in our arteries.

Next, add a healthy dose of daily exercise. If the high cholesterol levels persist, consult a doctor about medication. With time, your medication dosage will be reduced if you bring about these lifestyle modifications.
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