4 tips to relieve constipation during pregnancy

Although rare, constipation in pregnancy can also be caused by disorders that had been there since before pregnancy. Example, intestinal valve abnormalities called Hirschsprung disease. The disease is caused by congenital abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract innervation at the end of which resulted in the dirt so hard to pass. If the situation lightly, in the period before pregnancy, Hirschsprung may not cause interference. New at the time of pregnancy, in which abnormalities coupled with other factors, then there was constipation.

In addition, during pregnancy the mother is also not infrequently experienced hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can indeed come from before the pregnancy, but this new disorder generally occurs during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids appear later, initially caused by the relaxation of vascular smooth muscle as a result of rising levels of progesterone. These hemorrhoids will become more severe, if a mother should always be pushing each time the poop. This alone makes the pushing action of existing hemorrhoids worse and feels the pain, in fact rarely bled.

As a result, pregnant women become increasingly afraid to defecate, plus the constant bleeding is not impossible tails anemia. In the meantime, if you stool stuck too long in the colon, the water content will be absorbed again so there was hardening. The process of defecation even more problems later, and constipation will get worse.

Here are 4 tips to relieve constipation during pregnancy.

1. Exercise regularly
Exercise can help prevent constipation. No need vigorous exercise, simply by running lighter then the waste water could run more smoothly.

2. Drink plenty of water
During pregnancy, water absorption by the intestine will increase. The water will be used also for fetal growth. That's because, pregnant women should drink more water so that feces contain enough water so it is more easily removed.

3. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements
Several types of supplements can cause bloating and constipation.
Research shows that if a pregnant woman should take a calcium supplement, choose one that is easily soluble. Antacids (antacids) that contain aluminum can also cause constipation so be sure to avoid it. Consult your doctor before taking supplements to ensure safety.

4. Laxative
Some pregnant women may need to take laxatives to relieve constipation. Laxatives work as surfactants to lower the voltage between the walls of the intestines and feces so that bowel movements more smoothly.

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