Three Healthier Hair Hot Tools

You know that heat styling can damage your hair, but how hot is too hot? “Keratin breaks down above 293°F, leaving hair brittle,” says chemist Ali N. Syed, PhD, vice president of research at hair product company Uberliss. “And hair starts to deteriorate at 475°F.” Worse, since the temp of your tools can fluctuate, it’s tough to know how much heat your strands are subjected to.

But you don’t need to give up your favorite hairstyles. Read on for three healthier hot tools. Try these tools to downgrade damage and upgrade your look.

Go Wavy
T3 BodyWaver ($149; A ring of ceramic heaters keeps heat consistent, meaning no scorching spots

Get Dry
Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 ($300; The 80 mph airflow cuts our drying time in half (compared with the average 32 mph).

Go Sleek
GVP Black Flat Iron ($50; With a low setting of 140°F, this is one of the safest irons out there.

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