Infection of The Outer Ear Causes & Treatment

An inflammation or infection of the outer ear can cause severe pain, possibly a discharge, and impaired hearing.

Such symptoms may be due to a number of factors, such as infection by fungi or bacteria, or a foreign body in the ear. Boils or abscesses lead to a build-up of pus which causes severe pain in the ear.

Reasons for infection include:
Boils often result from infection by staphylococcus bacteria. Infection often occurs through a break in the skin caused by scratching an itch, or may enter the ear from polluted water.

Boils are painful, the ear may swell, and infection may spread to the inner ear. Fungus infections are sometimes called “swimmer’s ear” because dampness is favorable to fungal growth.

Damage from constant probing of the ear may lead to bacterial or fungal infection or inflammation. An allergic reaction to a foreign body can cause an ear infection.


Traditional Home and Folk Remedies 
A roasted onion can be applied to the outer ear canal (hot) to draw out infection and to ease the pain. A bread poultice will reduce inflammation and pain. Warm a little garlic oil, saturate a cotton bud, and place in the ear canal to draw out infection.

Mullein oil will reduce external pain and encourage healing. St. John’s wort oil exerts a similar beneficial effect. Wash the ear canal with a warm infusion of herbs such as chamomile, elderflower, or golden seal, which are antiseptic.

Apply a little tea tree oil to the end of a cotton bud and gently swab the outer ear canal, and the ear itself. Warm some marjoram oil in grapeseed oil, massage around the ear and dab a few drops into the ear canal. Apply a little more to a cotton ball and insert into the ear and leave overnight. This will reduce pain and encourage healing.

Belladonna, for pain and redness. Mercurius, when there is a smelly discharge. Aconite, for an acute infection characterized by sharp shooting pains.

Flower Essences 
Take Rescue Remedy or Emergency Essence to ease symptoms and induce calm.
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