What is Inflammation?

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. Inflammation is now considered to be a ‘silent killer’. We all know that inflammation is y our body ’s way of responding to injury. Whether y ou fall and scrape y our knee, fight a bad head cold, or come out in hives (as our daughter did), the resulting inflammation is y our body ’s way of combating the attack to the sy stem.

Inflammation of any ty pe is like a ‘Band-Aid’. Basically, it is the body ’s way of protecting itself from any assault. It serves a useful purpose as a way of repairing itself from the damage that bacteria, fungus, virus, injury, and toxins can cause. Inflammation is a process that allows our body to heal.

Whenever any part of our body is damaged, our sy stem immediately engages and starts to fight the enemy. Most of the time, the assault is so minor (acute) that we aren’t even aware our body is in an attack mode. As soon as the threat leaves, our sy stem returns to its normal state.

However, when our bodies are required to fight off an assault over an extended period of time, the condition becomes chronic. After a while, the inflammatory reaction fails to cease on its own. This causes stress to the body , ultimately resulting in a weakened state of health.
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