What does a panic attack feel like, How to overcome?

Feeling like going to faint that appear for no apparent reason when you are alone, on the move, driving or being in crowd, Its describe what does a panic attack feel like. Symptoms of panic attacks may be a sense of fainting, headache, blurred vision, anxiety, sweating, nausea, weakness, shortness of breath, palpitations, feelings such as fear of death and loss of control.

Panic attack is one of the symptoms of excessive anxiety. Panic attacks are sudden appeared a serious problem for most people is almost attacked by a certain time. Accounted for almost 20% of the total population of the world is experiencing symptoms of panic attacks. And 1.7% of them feel a panic attack is massive and would be bad for them. Other facts of this attack is often the case is not alleged attack suddenly appear for no apparent reason and often are paralyzed sufferer.

Under these conditions one can experience the fears that make no sense. And if it does not immediately get the appropriate therapy the patient panic attacks can result in the daily life he has.

Researchers have found a wide range of solutions related to panic attacks aplenty attacking people in the world. The point is the desire of patients to be free from the panic attacks. However, a lot of programs that are more temporary therapy to reduce the symptoms of panic when they were relapse. Not with how to cope directly to the source.

So how do I overcome panic attacks effectively and permanently. One of them is by using brainwave entrainment. By stimulating certain brain waves that can reduce the effects when panic attack occurs. The point is to get our brains so often in a stable condition to no longer move excessively, especially when a panic attack suddenly appeared.

How to overcome a panic attack ?

Be alert for symptoms of panic
If you are always alert to the symptoms of panic, you will not be a victim of panic. Alert means notice symptoms, feel, and do not fall victim to panic. Alert means you also look at what factors could create a panic, and try to avoid it or deal with it without fear of excessive.

Divert attention
Generally when someone panicked, breathing will be faster, and it can aggravate panic. To fix this, adjust the breath and switch to something fun. Inhale deeply through your nose and remove it slowly. Think of something that makes you feel calm and comfortable or do something to dispel the panic, such as singing or a walk in the park.

Friends with panic
Bear in mind that panic is a good sign of the body to make you more alert, motivated and do something better. The mind can control anything that happens to the body, so think that you can overcome panic and do not be afraid. Even some people actually encouraged his enthusiasm when in a state of panic.
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