Scratched Cornea a signals of corneal abrasion

If we are not carefully enough, we may abrade our corneas. For example, inappropriate wearing of contacts can lead to corneal abrasion. Some of us are greatly terrified by this problem. It is true that this problem can cause great pain and discomfort, but corneas can be cured automatically if rightly treated. Then, how to know we have corneal abrasion? Symptoms like redness, blurriness, pain, etc. are signals of corneal abrasion.

Generally, there is a recovering system in our corneas. That's to say the scratched corneas can heal themselves automatically. It is prohibited to rub eyes if we think our corneas are scratched, for our corneal cells will repair the damaged layers. What should we do if we find our corneas are scratched? We should first get rid of the object that leads to the abrasion. In order to prevent eye swelling and pain, cold compress is essential. We should try to relax ourselves with eyes closed. If the problem gets worse or we can not endure the pain, we must visit the eye doctors.

Usually, an eye doctor will use some special eye drops, especially antibiotic eye drops to kill the pain and avoid any infection. Then, eye patch will be used to avoid the movement of eyelids. With the patch for twenty four hours, namely, the period of healing, our corneas will get recovered.

Of course, if we wear contact lenses, we should be more attentive, for the lenses should not be worn during the healing process. Not only the lenses will slow down the healing process, the medication will also damage the lenses. Generally, if the problem is not very serious, we may suffer from some temporary blurriness only. Of course, even after the healing process, it will take several weeks for us to regain our vision. Anyway, rubbing eyes is prohibited.

Some of us may not be so lucky and may have corneas scratched for many times. This is because the healing layers are not firmly connected. Then how to tackle it? We should ask eye doctor for help. They will use some special devices to treat our corneal layers. Of course, the theory underlying the healing process is the same as the original. And we can ask eye doctor to give some special ointments to avoid further recurrence.
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