Hyperextended knee, How can you treat?

The term "hyperextended knee" refers to an injury in which the knee joint is somehow forced into a position that is beyond what is considered to be its normal fully straightened position. When someone hyperextends their knee, the lower leg is excessively positioned forward in relationship to the upper leg (ie. the tibia is pushed excessively forward compared to the femur.)

Can you relate to this kind of incident?

You have seen the pictures of a hyperextended knee. The ones that make you cringe. This knee injury can easily occur due to an awkward landing after a jump, or an impact to the anterior aspect of your knee. It can also happen as a result of trying to stop running to abruptly. In sports such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics, volleyball or rugby, you can imagine for yourself scenarios that would cause the knee into an overly straightened position.

How can you treat a hyperextended knee?

Sometimes the damage is nominal. You can have passing pain and/or swelling that subsides with time. Unfortunately, a hyperextended knee may lead to a ligament tear (partial or complete). These kinds of ligament tears may include your ACL. Unfortunately, if it is bad enough, surgery may be needed to reattach the ACL.

A physician may evaluate your injury by reviewing your past medical history, or by doing manual tests. X-rays of the knee or MRIs can also be used to evaluate your knee condition.

Rest, applying ice, and taking over the counter pain relievers have all been used to help treat a hyperextended knee injury. (Whenever taking any drugs consult your physician). These can all be used to help, along with the use of a knee brace.

Knee braces can help control the degree to which the knee is allowed to be hyperextended. The support that they can provide can reduce your knee pain and decrease the chance of this kind of knee injury from every happening in the first place. Do not look back months from now wishing you would have done something to help protect your knee. A knee brace can help promote healing of this kind of knee injury.
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