Causes of Pimples On Scalp and treatment

Pimples on scalp also known as "scalp acne" result more frequently than you know. Scalp acne appears mainly on your upper forehead at the hairline and can be a headache as it can cause you itching and pain. You can have just a few small, crusty, and sore pustules or countless, however you must be careful because once you have them it's difficult to leave them alone.

Causes of Pimples On Scalp

This annoying scalp condition commonly arises when your scalp becomes oilier than normal. For instance, when you don't wash your hair habitually or when you utilize hair care products that incorporate a substantial quantity of oil. It's also more probable to occur during periods of high stress for both men and women of all ages.

You may also develop pimples on scalp due to excessive head sweating, which produces a humid environment for bacteria to thrive. There are other causes of this form of acne such as nutritional deficiencies, heredity, hormonal imbalance, drug toxicity, seasonal changes, beverages containing caffeine, intake of certain spices, and excessive exposure to heat or sunlight.

This kind of acne generally manifests itself as little white and yellow pustules. When pimples on scalp are caused by yeast they could spread to the whole crown of your head and demand special relief. You may also get scars that appear like those resulting from chicken pox.

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