Wisdom teeth pain that you can try to get some relief

When wisdom teeth start emerging at the back of your mouth, it is typically quite painful. Whilst some people may merely view it as an inevitable phase of growing up that will be done with soon enough, sometimes the pain can be intolerable. Sometimes, wisdom teeth extractions become an avenue of choice if the pain causes jaw stiffness, or in rare cases, infection; which is a big problem by itself.

If you find yourself in this stage of life and you really can't take the pain, what can you do to make things more bearable? If you rule out wisdom teeth surgery, you may think that there's nothing left, and all hope is lost. Don't worry; there are certainly some effective, non-intrusive methods to get rid of your wisdom teeth pain. The following are just a few things that you can try to get some relief:

• Reach for your toothbrush – As mentioned before, food particles tend to get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and gums and contribute to the amount of pain you may be experiencing. Aside from removing these, toothpaste itself contains key ingredients that may numb the pain of growing wisdom teeth, and it helps to kill bacteria that, if left alone, can lead to infection.

• Start gargling – An effective way of lessening the pain is to gargle with warm salted water. Salt reduces swelling, draws out infection and toughens the gums. This method works particularly well with over the counter medication.

• The straw method – For this, all you need is a drinking straw. Place the straw in your mouth, use your tongue to position the straw over your tooth, and suck in air. This method mimics what dentists do just before an extraction; by drying out the tooth, making the nerves in the pulp become less sensitive to pain.

These methods work well to relieve wisdom teeth pain; Your pain will be gone before you know it!
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