Early symptoms of hiv in women

What is HIV and AIDS virus and that all the ways this can be transmitted infection? All this and much more useful to find out if you read this article which was written that you learned the differences and early symptoms of HIV and AIDS virus.

AIDS is a serious illness from which to this day died more than 300 thousand people. This disease has no mercy, and it attacks those people who did not protect the time and are not kept. AIDS still no cure, but experts and scientists are all close to finding a cure for this serious and fatal disease today.

In Africa, first appeared on HIV and 1965 and until now doctors and scientists are trying to find a cure, but had no success. To be cured of HIV need to be very persistent and to keep the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

With this virus can live for 10 years and so if you get this infection does not necessarily mean that you're already dead. If properly treated and if you are persistent in the fact that HIV infection is cured you may one day live without this virus. According to scientific research 23 percent of people who get HIV and that the start time to cure can cure this disease.

What is important in addition to therapy and medication are that you'll use to successfully treat HIV virus. If you notice, or later, you start with treatment of this disease then you are a little less chances to be healed because then there is the possibility that HIV infects a large part of the body and then there is the possibility to get a disease for which no cure and which is now known throughout the world and called AIDS. Aids is a very serious disease and make sure the time you get the HIV virus because it is very difficult after reversed the disease.
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