Treating Sore Gums Naturally

Sore gums are no fun at all. It can really make it feel like you have a mouth full of pain when you are experiencing sore gums. There are some key causes to sore gums that will affect a lot of people, and their causes can range between each person, their oral hygiene and their specific circumstance and lifestyle factors.

Sometimes sore gums can also be your body telling you that you are not taking proper care of your gums to enjoy good oral health. This article should help you to better understand why we get sore gums, or their top causes, what you can do to treat them naturally, and if they are the signs something more serious.

Sore Gums Can Be Signs of Infection

You have to be careful about when suffering from persistently sore gums is that they may be a sign of a bacterial infection, infected gums and even the early signs of gum disease.

If you notice that your gums bleed when you brush or floss them, and that is contributing to the soreness, make sure to have your gums checked out at your dentist. Bleeding gums are a key sign that you may have a gum disease like gingivitis, something that should be treated as soon as possible.

What You Eat Can Cause Sore Gums

Sometimes the foods that we eat can cause sore gums. Some people may eat foods that they are allergic to, which can cause sore gums from an allergic reaction due to inflammation of the gums. Alcohol is a key contributor to sore gums, as is coffee and soda. Smoking or using any tobacco products can irritate the gums can contribute to sore gums.

Other Causes of Sore Gums

There are some top causes of sore gums, let's explore them in the points that follow so that you can be best informed.

Abnormal bite
Teeth grinding
Infected gums
Bleeding gums
Infected teeth or tooth
Gum disease
Allergic reaction
Cold, hot or spicy foods
Mouth alignment devices
Illnesses like strep throat and flu
Sensitive gums

Treating Sore Gums Naturally

There are some effective ways that you can naturally treat sore gums. Pure vanilla extract can help to dull the pain and to provide relief. You can massage a few drops of peppermint or spearmint oil on to the sore gums for pain relief. Flossing using a water flossing device can reduce inflammation, swelling and bleeding.

Oil of oregano diluted to two parts olive oil can be massaged into sore gums for pain relief and reduced inflammation. Keep in mind that natural treatments are no substitute for effective dental care, and you should see your dentist for chronically sore gums.
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