Low white blood cell count signs

When the white blood cell count is very low, it may be the signal of a number of various essential medical circumstances that includes live disease, lupus, deficiency in the minerals like copper and zinc, spleen disease and vitamin deficiency.

Thus when the count of the white blood cell in the body is reduced, the body will not be in a position to fight the infections very quickly as it can be done under the normal stages.

The first symptom of infection will generally be fever and will turn the person to become ill very frequently. Some of the other generally symptoms are canker sores, urination issues, cramps in the stomach and also excessive bleeding.

When a person experiences headache or sore throat together with sneezing, then these may be the indications of infections in the lung or sinus. Correct treatment consulted on right time will pave a good way to get rid of infections.

Some of the most famous aggravators of the situation that develop out of low white blood cell count or the low immunity that includes stress, complete lifestyle and the dietary practice.

It is also quite natural that the aging factor that cannot be avoided will also play a role in the white blood cell count. The food that is consumed will affect harmfully or contribute positively to the quantity of impact the position has on the daily life.

The food items that contain more zinc like pumpkin, oysters and dark meat turkey are very advantageous to increase the white blood cells production in the body. The food that has got more level of cholesterol or fat should be avoided.
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