Does vitamin d cause constipation

It sure seems unlikely that the vitamin D is causing constipation. But if you are vitamin D deficient, it is not smart to stop the Vitamin D- and actually 2000 IU's is a miniscule dose that is a maintenance dose for toddlers according to most Vitamin D Researchers.

If you have not had your Vitamin D Levels checked, I encourage you to do so as having a level between 40 to 80 can prevent up to 75% of breast and colon cancer, prevents heart disease, and YES, relieves the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.

It's probably more likely that you are constipated because of Magnesium Deficiency. And as it takes magnesium to convert Vitamin D into the active form, you may just be using up more magnesium than usual and causing constipation.

Don't stop the D, just take a magnesium supplement (anything but magnsium oxide) and increase the magnesium slowly until you have between 1 to 3 soft bowel movements a day. If you get loose stools, then just decrease the dosage a little, but don't STOP taking the magnesium.

Kerri Knox, RN
Functional Medicine Practitioner

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