The Weird Mental Disorders

People who appear normal in life, it can also suffer from weird mental disorder.

Then what weird mental disorder but is rarely seen by people around him? Here are 10 weird mental disorder that could have been suffered by friends around us, without us knowing it.

1. Ablutomania: maniac to wash hands
Patients Ablutomania wants everything was hygienic. When his hand hit the dirt a little, then she would quickly wash her ​​hands.

2. Trichotillomania: a passion for the hair itself
The disorder is also called 'trich'. Sufferers have a huge desire to pluck the hair and feathers. Including the hair on the face (such as a mustache, beard, hair, etc.) until the hair on the body (such as chest hair, underarm hair, and so on)

3. Aboulomania: difficult to determine the decision
People with this disorder is very difficult to make decisions even to things that are very small though. Example: the color of what he wanted to write a book, or pen colors, and so on.

4. Enosimania: the constant belief that he is innocent
Sufferers believe that he has done an unforgivable sin and because of his fear Enosimania sufferers tend to have shortness of breath and rapid, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and filled with a sense of fear.

5. Onomatomania: obsession to repeat words
Obsessed with repeating the same words and many times

6. Demonomania: believe in evil spirits entered
Demonomania always felt like evil spirits and felt disturbed by it.

7. Clinomania: obsession to stay in bed
Patients are not always able to escape from the bed. The desire to be in the bed was enormous. Well, it seems many people who suffer Clinomania especially when the weather is cold and cloudy.

8. Cartocacoethes: obsession to see the map
Obsessed to see the map are the characteristics of patients Cartocacoethes. Frequently until the food and drinks they also serve as image maps, so the amount of their desire to see the map.

9. Gamomania: obsession to apply
Perhaps this disorder suffered by the maniacs in love, so they are happy to apply some of the girls at once in about the same time.

10. Doromania: obsession to give a gift

Doramania have the obsession to give gifts to certain people so that he does not hesitate to sell the property or loan to another person just to give gifts to people who headed for. Provision is also not half-hearted, could be from as small as a pen, to a large like a car or house.
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