Is anxiety hereditary?

Is anxiety hereditary?

The majority of anxiety related issues are psychological or medical with a very small number of anxiety issues being hereditary. There is some evidence of genetics playing a part in some anxiety related conditions. However the evidence isn't completely clear and our best guess at the moment is that genetics can in certain circumstances play a role in anxiety related conditions.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are a serious mental illness. People with this disorder usually have great anxiety and excessive, and often times anxiety is paralyzing.

This anxiety disorder is one form of mental illness. The cause can be anything, such as chemical imbalances in the body, changes in brain structure, environmental stress, trauma and phobias, etc..

Diagnosis of mental illness can only be done by a specialist. Not everyone can immediately judge that the person with the symptoms mentioned above it is to experience anxiety disorders. Doctors require research and observations of patient behavior.

This anxiety disorder can be treated with medication, such as providing anti-depressant. Or well with psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, relaxation therapy, or even diet. Usually the experts to help patients to talk and find ways to deal with this disorder.
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